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Soundfield Soundfield
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Frontrow™ Soundfield

Soundfield technology is one of the best learning tools for mainstream education, benefiting both the student and teacher. Printacall supply Frontrow tm brand soundfield equipment which integrates with other classroom ICT to provide the best learning outcome for students. Sometimes referred to as assistive or active learning systems, Frontrow tm systems are designed as either Infrared or FM depending upon the classroom requirements. Printacall Communications Technology with 25 years of experience in audio systems has supplied and installed many Frontrow tm soundfield systems in classroom throughout NSW and the ACT. Don't hesitate to contact our friendly and trained staff to discuss your requirements. Go to the Products link above for more information, download the product comparison pdf.

To discuss your assistive learning requirements, please contact Printacall by phone (02) 9809 2392, email or fax (02) 9809 2345. Our trained staff will be pleased to assist you.

Frontrow™ Products:

Frontrow™ active learning systems can help:

  •  Improve the learning environment
  • Engage students, improve attentiveness in the classroom
  • Reduce the achievement gap
  • Support life-long learning
  • Foster control and orderliness, increase on-task behavior
  • Boost comprehension
  • Improve test scores, particularly literacy
  • Support orality, student confidence
  • Reduce vocal strain and fatigue for teachers
  • Integrate complementary teaching technology
  • Support students suffering from OTITIS media (middle ear infection)

Obstacles to learning

  • With today's noisy classrooms, obstacles to listening can become barriers to learning. That's why Frontrow™ does more than improve classroom sound quality. It also empowers students and inspires participation so there's more room for discussion and less room for confusion.
  • Recent studies show that most students miss at least 25% percent of what you say leaving plenty of room for confusion. So if we want our students to learn, we have to make it easier for them to listen. Today, Frontrow™ technology does more than improve classroom audibility. It inspires participation so your words aren't just heard, but understood.
  • With poor classroom acoustics and larger class sizes it's no surprise that most students can't hear and process everything you say. That's why there's Frontrow™. Phonic Ear technology enhances the quality of your voice and redirects your words so that everyone can hear clearly. When it's easier for students to listen, it's easier for them to learn.

Active learning systems have been used by our supplier, Phonic Ear USA since 1990. The content of this website is courtesy of Phonic Ear Inc, USA with minor amendments relevant to Printacall and Australia, statistics and survey material mentioned relate to the USA Frontrow™ a trademark of Phonic Ear Inc, USA

Frontrow™ Fast Facts:

 After using an active learning system:

  • 96% of teachers noted improvement in student attentiveness, listening, and comprehension
  • primary school teachers surveyed rated the systems their most useful teaching technology
  • 92% of teachers noted less emotional strain - and as much as 60% fewer sick days from vocal problems
  • spelling scores of 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders improved by 15%, 12%, and 21% respectively
  • students have been shown to be twice as likely to make high-level literacy gains

Your words are important. We want them to be clear. 

As an educator, you always wonder if you're getting through. Now, research indicates that most students catch only about three-quarters of what you say. That's a pretty remarkable statistic but it's not entirely surprising considering today's larger class sizes and poor classroom acoustics. Even in smaller environments, background noise can mask your voice and make comprehension a real challenge. No wonder more and more schools are turning to Frontrow™. Our active learning systems are designed to optimise classroom sound quality but more important, they're designed to engage young minds, inspire participation. By creating a more intimate environment for learning you are giving your words more power than you ever imagined.

Frontrow™ Active Learning Solutions:

  •  A more ideal learning environment for every student by clarifying the teacher's voice
  • Proximate goal is clarity without teacher strain; ultimate goals are improved engagement and participation, test scores, behaviour, teaching ease (control, dynamic range, energy)

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